The Hills Of Caroline


The Hills Of Caroline is most popular English song. Song’s title is The Hills Of Caroline.

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Song Name : The Hills Of Caroline
Artist : Alison Krauss
Artists and Repertoire : n/a
Executive Producer : n/a

(Vince Gill)

I was born in Guilford County
Way back up in the pines
It’s where I hold the sweetest memories
In the hills of Caroline

My daddy wasn’t much of nothin’
He spent his life doin’ time
Mama learned me about Jesus
In the hills of Caroline

I met a girl her name was Hattie
Fair and tender, sweet and kind
She showed me how to love a woman
In the hills of Caroline

I always thought that we would marry
One sweet day she would be mine
But Hattie’s gone, to live with Jesus
In the hills of Caroline

If I should die before tomorrow
Just one request if you don’t mind
Just bury me right next to Hattie
In the hills of Caroline
Bury me right next to Hattie
In the hills of Caroline

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